ARGOSArgos was founded in September 2004, in Madrid. Their music is in the Heavy Metal with touches of melodic Hard Rock. However, there are a variety of musical influences reflected in their songs.

In September 2005, Argos enter the studio to record their first demo, "Alma Negra", consists of 6 tracks. At that time, the band formation is composed by David Gutierrez on vocals, David Santamaría and Javier Arias on guitars, Miguel Leirado on keyboards, and Javier Villalba Enrique Romero on bass and drums respectively.

The band then focuses its efforts on gigging, carrying Argos to participate in various competitions and playing festivals with bands like Warcry or Nocturnia.I

In 2009, following the departure of David Gutiérrez, Javier Arias takes over vocals, combining with his labor as guitarist. A new stage for the group, now quintet, completed after incorporating Marcos Minaya on drums and Daniel Hidalgo on bass, closing the current lineup.

In recent years, the group undertakes with dedication preparations to return to the stage and compose new songs, which in late 2012, will shape their first self-produced album "No mires atrás".

With the album already out, Argos focuses on the diffusion of their work on various digital platforms and live shows, highlighting his performance with Konec Silnice or international Sister Sin. Because of this, some media begin to echo his work.

In late 2013, the band was immersed in two new projects, a brief national tour with stops in four Spanish provinces, that began in September in Madird and ended in Murcia, in February 2014.

The second project was the recording of a new EP, which includes four new Argos's songs. Released under the label Avispa Music and recorded at studios M20 studios, is produced by the skilled hands of David Martinez. This work came out on April 15, 2014.