ARGOSArgos was born in September 2004 in Madrid. Its music is cataloged as melodic Heavy Metal with a slight twist of Hard Rock, as a result from a vast number of musical influences.

The group’s first recording, "Alma Negra" (Black soul), was composed of 6 tracks with David Gutierrez on the vocals, David Santamaría and Javier Arias as guitarists, Miguel Leirado in charge of the keyboard, Enrique Villalba manning the bass guitar and Javier Romero handling the drums.

The group’s efforts focused on live performances by participating in different contests and playing alongside bands like WarCry or Nocturnia.

In 2009, David Gutierrez left the band and Javier Arias assumed his role as lead singer. The group grows with Marcos Minava playing drums and Daniel Hidalgo as bass guitarist.

Argos continued to focus on live performances while also recording their first self-produced album, “No mires atrás” (Don’t look back). An additional effort was made to maximize audience reach on digital platforms and by including this work in their live sets. At this point, the group started to gain attention from local media outlets.

By the end of 2013, the band kicked off its first tour around Spain, touring four provinces around the nation before ending in February 2014 and making way for a new EP that debuted by the end of April, produced in a brief collaboration with Avispa.       

The future seemed bright for the band in 2014, but the departure of one of the founding memebers, Miguel Leirado, required the rest of the members to take a step back and think of the bands future.

Argos regrouped and by 2016, the rest of the members started working on a second album with more mature and professional production with the help of an old friend of the band, David Martínez, from Avispa. The new LP finally saw the light in October 2017 under the name "Rompiendo el silencio" (Breaking the silence).

Coinciding with the release of the new album, Sergio López, keyboardist of the now disappeared band Secret Signs, joined the Argos family and completed the formation of the band.


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