Javier Arias


(1983, Talavera de la Reina)


At age 14 he bought his first guitar and began taking lessons; he was influenced by the bands he listened, both domestic and foreign, such as Avalanch, Ankhara, Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden and Metallica.

In his first project, an amateur band called Fucker 'n Kaiser, began to develop his skills as a guitarist and vocalist, besides composing his first songs. In 2005 became a member of Argos, firstly as a guitarist, and a few years later as band's singer and frontman.

At that time, he began singing lessons at the hands of Nacho Ruiz, recognized artist and current Santelmo's vocalist.

Ski-board and whisky with cola enthusiast, Javi is an explosion of energy when he hangs the guitar and raises his voice.