A heavy metal nigth

Una noche de metal

On February 22, you can not miss a show that brings together SAFER and DAGGER bands with Argos from Madrid, on a night that promises thrills. It will be in Murcia, at JO concert hall at a bargain price: 5 euros.

Do not miss it out!



We return to WE ROCK

Volvemos a la sala WE ROCKOn January 24 you can not miss the show that will gather together Perfect Smile, Argos and Inexceso in a unique night. It will be in the We Rock concert hall for a price of 6 euros.

If you want to start 2014 off on the right foot, you should not miss it out. We wait for you!


Next stop: Sala Kiss

Próxima parada: Sala Kiss

An evening to enjoy the best Heavy and Power Metal in the capital.

From Valencia come with us Quelonio, one of the most representative bands of the genre in Valencia, presenting their new album "Animal". A band with a bearing and a presence that will delight fans of the genre.

Argos, from Madrid, is the other major attraction of the evening, presenting their new album "No mires atrás"

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